Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Good Weekend For The Movies

After the hectic rush of last weekend's Unique Boutique adventure and, of course, all the hubbub of cooking and eating Thanksgiving Day, I took advantage of a rainy Saturday to relax and go to a movie. A luxury these days. Although it may not be everyone's cup of tea, I chose No Country for Old Men. It has been getting a fair amount of critical acclaim and I usually love the work of the Coen Brothers.

I enjoyed this movie. But without giving too much away, if you want the story to tie up neatly in the end, this is not the flick for you. Also, as in most of the Coen Brother's work, there is no shortage of violence. But it is well done and the dialogue is very entertaining. I woke up today still thinking about it, and for me if a movie stays in your mind and makes you think, then it is well worth the time you took to see it.

And in keeping with my relaxing weekend and fatigue of eating turkey, I plan on more movie rentals tonight with a big plate of nachos! I can hardly wait.


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