Sunday, May 9, 2010

My neighborhood sings in the Spring

I have a confession to make. My neighborhood is ugly in the winter. There, I said it. Rows of red brick buildings, sooty ice and snow on the ground, the trees bare...but my neighborhood sings in the Spring. Flowers everywhere! Trees blooming and then leafing out in green. And a healthy dose of pride of ownership in evidence. I wish Spring could last longer, but perhaps its fleeting nature is what makes it so sweet. As always, click on any pic for a larger view.

buff house 1000

Pretty border 1000
Pretty border

Peonies 1000Irises 1000
Lots of old-fashioned flowers, befitting a neighborhood and houses over 100 years old.

Shade garden 1000
Shade garden

Stone house 1000
Michael and I looked at this house when it went up for sale. It was ultimately purchased by a young couple who are doing great things with it.

Street view 1000
Streetscape looking toward Grand.

Pink blossoms 1000

Our house 1000
Our house with lilac, redbud and dogwood in bloom. 


The Bath Hour said...

I've been there in the spring. These photos are beautiful but they still don't do it justice.

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

What a beautiful neighborhood....I love spring tooooo....It's my favorite season.

Warm blessings,

Secret Leaves said...

Thanks, folks, for stopping by. : )


Anonymous said...

Hey Sharon,
Hard to resist taking pics of all those wonderful Spring flowers and they just keep coming. Love seeing it from your eyes. I could not resist getting some of that house on Upper Hartford too.

I have started a new blog, if you want to take a look. I did the Farmer's Market in pictures this week.

tina said...

I just "found you"---- and lordy it looks as if you live in my neighborhood!!!!

Secret Leaves said...

Tina - maybe you do! Where do you live? I am in Tower Grove on the south side of the park and near Grand.


tina said...

Sharon---- we're moving BACK to TGS, after a year "away". TGS on the street rather like a fast food restaurant. Movers come for the final haul on Monday, I'm exhausted!!!!! Shoot me an email....