Friday, April 23, 2010

Midwestern jaunt

Last summer (has it been two summers ago?), I visited my old friend Melissa at her home in Ohio. Melissa and I go way back. We grew up across the street from each other in Indiana and I've known her since we were both 3 years old, making her my oldest friend. I hadn't seen her for years when she emailed with an invitation to come and visit. It was a nice trip. I love the little village where she lives and I had no idea that part of the country is so beautiful. And her husband is an antiques dealer, so her beautiful turn-of-the-century home is filled with treasures.

I meant to blog about the trip, but never got around to it. I ran across these photos on my computer and rather liked them, so I decided to do it now. I hope you enjoy it.

Melissa's home 72
Melissa's home. I'm not sure when it was built, but I know it was in the 1800s.

Autumn apple 72
A fallen apple from the tree in her front yard

Melissa tending her garden 72
Melissa tending her sumptuous garden

Garden bench 72Monarch in the garden 72

Abandoned homestead
Abandoned farmhouse down the road from Melissa's home.

Grave of Ann Jones 72
Grave of Mary E 72 Cemetery in the village of Shandon. I have a thing for cemetaries, especially old ones like this.

Strange old photo in tramp art frame
Strange old photo in tramp art frame

Tramp art box Tramp art box

Union cases
Ambrotype of Elizabeth Spofford Collection of Union cases. I collect these as well. Inscription reads:
Elizabeth Spofford
b. 1765 d.  1849 m. 1783
to Justin Cole of Dalton
Mass. a Rev. Soldier
for Betty

Crazy quilt throw pillow on vintage wicker settee
Velvet crazy quilt throw pillow on vintage wicker settee

Dried flowers and seed pods
Dried seed pods from Melissa's garden

Ohio countryside The Ohio countryside. Do you see what I mean about this part of the country being beautiful? Click for a larger view.

If you live within a state or two, this area is worth visiting. It is gorgeous, pastoral and historic with excellent flea markets and antiquing. And Cincinnati is close by. A good Midwestern trip.



Kelly Ballard said...

Great photos of your trip to Ohio. I love to photograph old cemeteries, too. They are so mysterious...

Second Hand Chicks

Secret Leaves said...

Kelly, I have a thing for old cemeteries and also abandoned buildings. I went to Paris with my mother-in-law in 2006 and took many pictures of Pere LaChaise Cemetaire and lots of decrepit old buildings. Also, it was ominously overcast for most of the time I was there. When I showed the pics to my friend Diane, she said Paris looked "kind of creepy." Ha ha! I told her it only look creepy through the lens of what interests me.


heather jenkinson said...

that was lovely collection of photographs - I particularly like that fact that they're unassuming (some images on blogs can be a little too good - do you know what I mean?).

The last image of Ohio reminded me of the film Bridges in Madison County - my all time favourite film. I know it's a different State (Iowa), but from my desk, here in London, UK, it looks pretty and wild.

Secret Leaves said...

Heather, you would not be wrong in assuming that Iowa looks much like this.