Thursday, May 27, 2010

Around the studio today

Here are some photos from around the studio today. No beauty shots, just some snaps of how it looks right now.

Studio wide shot
Wide shot of the studio. Click to view larger.

Bookcase in the studio
Bookcase full of old books. Some I will keep and some will be made into journals or other projects. That's the leg of my tripod extending into the picture.

Top of bookcase in studio
Top of the bookcase with two small collages, one completed and one in progress. I found the two small polka dotted feathers on a walk yesterday afternoon.

Bulletin board copy
Bulletin board
Speech copy

Pretty books
Recent purchases.

Piano rolls.jpg
Piano rolls.

Three shoe boxes full of dirty old postcards from a railroad company in the early 1900s. I use these for the Vintage Index Card gift tag sets. (The boxes are cool too.) 

vintage sewing patterns
Vintage sewing patterns

Office supplies vintage and otherwise
Office supplies, vintage and otherwise. Many thanks to my sister for the thumb tacks, brads, etc. in the cool vintage boxes.

Old ledgers
Stack of old ledgers from the turn of the century. From a dry goods company down South.  These are 10" x 14" each and very thick, filled with beautiful handwriting.

French titles
French titles.

Stack of atlases and photo albums
Stack of old atlases, photo albums and a bundle of letters from Cecil Quackenbush to his mother. He was a rounder and a rambler--traveled around the West and Southwest picking up jobs as a movie extra in early silent Westerns, a ranch hand and a laborer. He wrote faithfully to his mother in Indiana wherever his ramblings took him.

And finally, Ellie, the (other) love of my life.
Ellie up close

Hope you've enjoyed the tour. A memento of my life and studio at a singular moment in time.



louloulovesbooks said...

I love your pictures. All those old books make me feel funny. Like I jumped off a ledge in a dream. How glorious they all are.
I would love to see inside those ledgers

Kelly Ballard said...

Cecil there is a name!

Second Hand Chicks

Marti Schrock said...

FABULOUS! Thanks for "showing" us your working space.

I am a mother in Indiana, too!

Ludid said...

love all those wonderful books.

Secret Leaves said...

Marti, the letters are incredible. They would make a great novel or movie. I might post them on here at some point.

By the way, I have a friend with the last name Schrock. I wonder if you might be related?

Thanks for stopping by!


Hope | Paper Relics said...


Secret Leaves said...

Louloulovesbooks - I LOVE your comment. So beautiful and such an apt description.

Hope - I've been a fan of your work for a long time. Thanks for stopping by.


Jen Sertl said...

Sharon, LOVE the wide shot of your studio, was that taken with your new camera? Always such an inspiring and lovely space!
And sweet Ellie, that shot deserves a place on your wall!
xo, jen

RSA said...

Those photos are so cool. Thank you for letting us have a peek of your wonderful studio. Have a great day.

Julie said...

So refreshing to see a studio that looks a tad like mine - meaning, as is! Actually, my work area is so much messier, but it made me feel good to see that others have stacks and stacks of stuff too! Lovely - and a beautiful dog as well!

Secret Leaves said...

Hi Julie. Nice to hear from you! Thanks for stopping by! Sometimes, my studio is even more "as-is" than this. Tee hee!