Saturday, May 15, 2010

Faded pictures

I shot some photos for my friend Jen earlier this week. The lovely (in every way) Julie Malone was kind enough to model. Here are a few of them (click for larger view):

Green wrap 1000

Schoolgirl 1000 

pink rosebuds faded 1000

geometry 1000

I'm slowly learning to use my new camera more effectively and my Photoshop skills are improving.

Jen's beautiful cashmere pieces can be found here. 



Elizabeth said...

Wow. What gorgeous sweaters! I haven't been by here in so long and am happy to have visited again. I won't stay away this time for long!

Secret Leaves said...

Elizabeth, thanks for stopping by...don't be a stranger!

Yes, Jen is very talented. Her things are lovely. Be sure to visit her website to see more.


Arijonia said...

You ahve a beautiful blog. I don't know how I found you, but I'm glad I did.

Karena said...

You are really a very good photographer. The sweater, wow! very artistic.

Art by Karena

Secret Leaves said...

Thanks Karena. The sweaters are designed by my friend Jen of Angelina Accoutrements. Her pieces (all cashmere, by the way) are beautiful.


jen sertl said...

Thank you for lending your time and talent to me, my dear friend. You are an incredible photographer.
xo, j