Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The ties that connect us to others

Last evening I had, I mean a meeting with the Willows. Ann (my former business partner) and I have written about the Willows here before. The Willows is a group of five women who meet on a regular basis to talk about work, family, love, life. It started out as a business group to offer ideas, inspiration and encouragement to women who owned emerging businesses. It still offers ideas, inspiration and encouragement--sometimes it's still even about business--but the meetings have become mostly social. That's OK. We still help each other with our businesses outside of the meetings and, more importantly, I think we have all gained friends for life. Here are profiles of the other Willows.

AnnAnn Hirschfeld of String BuzzMy former business partner and longtime friend, Ann. What? You thought we would kick her out of the Willows just because she doesn't have a business anymore? That's not how we roll. Ann has gone back to school to study graphic design (straight As last semester) and plays music in String Buzz. She also plays music with my husband on Friday nights.

Tyler is a mom of two, graphic designer, adjunct professor at a local college and purveyor of organic cotton toddlers' clothing at periwinklebloom. Brilliant, funny and famously self-deprecating, she is also one of my closest friends and favorite people.

periwinklebloom mangle bloomers
perinwinklebloom mangle bloomers

Jen's family
Jen is the talented fashion designer behind Angelina Accoutrements. That's Jen on the left, with her mother, grandmother and daughter, Gulina. Family is very important to Jen: Guilina is named for her grandmother, who is also Jen's inspiration for Angelina  Accoutrements. Her clothing pieces, fashioned out of vintage cashmere, are stunning.

St. Louis Fashion Week
Jen's designs, on the runway at St. Louis Fashion week

Ria sheared
And finally, here is the lovely Ria, newly shorn and donating her beautiful hair to Locks of Love. Ria is mom to two, a social media genius and one of the women behind My Mommy Manual.  Loving, giving and a straight shooter, you can always count on Ria to, well, shoot straight. : )

Click here to see Ria in one of her recent appearances on Great Day St. Louis:

Love my Willows. I'll see you all next week at the movies.



Vicki's Bit-o-earth said...

Way ta do Ria!

Jen Sertl said...

Love you too, Sharon!
Thank you for the kind words.