Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The ties that bind...books Part Two

Yesterday I posted some sewn bindings on books that I have made. Today I am going to show examples of sewn bindings by others.
As I mentioned yesterday, the long-stitch binding offers endless variations. Here are a few from San Diego Book Arts:


I love the raw aspect of this one from Garlic Harvest Studio and the way the stitches occupy such a small area on the spine:


Interior view of a pamphlet stitch book from Vamp and Tramp:

vampandtramp pamphlet stitch
Click for a larger view--this is a pretty book

Well, I was really hoping to show you some criss-cross ribbon bound albums, but oddly, now that I am looking I can't find any. I am going to give up and go do some binding myself.


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Donnalda Does Art said...

cool bindings. I like the chevron one.