Monday, February 15, 2010

The ties that bind...books

I love binding books by hand. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find time to do it as much as I would like. There are some really simple sewn bindings that are beautiful and easy to master: the long stitch (of which there are absolutely endless variations), the pamphlet stitch (very easy), and a criss-cross binding that I don't know the name for but that I love because it is gorgeous and easy--like tying your shoes.

Here are a few books I've made using these types of bindings. I think I will follow up tomorrow with a post showing some more complicated versions of these bindings by other people.

  Long-stitch journals
Simple, two-signature long-stitch books. Click to view larger.

long-stitch butterfly books Three-signature long-stitch binding with vintage button closure. The brown ribbon is the closure on the bottom book. Click to view larger.

Long-stitch.Japanese stab binding
A leather, long-stitch book I made in a class and underneath, a simple Japanese stab-binding. Click to view larger.

Simple pamphlet stitch Pamphlet stitch. Click to view larger. These are available as a set in the Etsy store.

Paris photo album
Criss-cross binding. Very easy and so pretty. This was a custom photo album for my mother-in-law, Linda, housing photos she took on one of her many trips to Paris. Click to view larger.

Birds Watching Us
The same stitch on some address books that Ann and I made. Click to view larger.

These are all simple versions of these stitches. Tomorrow I will post some elaborate versions from other book artists.



Anonymous said...

beautiful work...the 3 sig. long stitch is my favorite here! I love how bookbinding combines function & beauty.

Secret Leaves said...

It's my favorite as well. There are all kinds of fancy long stitches too, but I really prefer this simple dash stitch. I think it's my fastidious nature--I like the neatness and symmetry of it.