Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Brooks Salzwedel

Look at this artist's work:

Little Anacin Tin
Little Anacin Tin - Brooks Salzwedel

High Forest Tin
High Forest Tin - Brooks Salzwedel

Broken Wires
Broken Wires - Brooks Salzwedel

Salzwedel-11-16-06, 11/16/06, 1:17 PM,  8C, 4300x9425 (2736+2430), 150%, 7-19-06 Hi Con, 1/100 s, R59.5, G55.8, B77.2
Home Like Me - Brooks Salzwedel
Graphite, acrylic, resin

Hanged #2
Hanged #2 - Brooks Salzwedel
Graphite, resin, pipe end

Found via the excellent Bioephemera blog. Many thanks to Joe Allgren http://twitter.com/thedarkengine for alerting me to this artist's ethereal, evocative work.


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