Monday, August 10, 2009

Map Photo Album

Below are pics of a custom-designed trip photo album I completed recently. It is to be a wedding gift for a couple who are traveling around the world for their honeymoon.

Map photo album
The cover was a map of Central Europe taken from a 1924 World Atlas. The back cover was a linen-textured handmade paper.

Vintage French linen seam binding
The album was tied with two pieces of vintage French seam binding.

Map photo album endpapers
The endpapers were from an old 1950s atlas and said Occident and Orient--fitting for a trip around the world.


Photo corners
I included old-fashioned picture corners that matched the heavyweight, cream-colored interior pages. The packaging coordinated with the album's endpapers. One packet had a European postage stamp and one had an Asian postage stamp.

stamp detail

I hope the couple likes it.



lotta said...

What a thoughtful, delightful gift! Lucky them.

Diana said...

This is gorgeous!! Lucky couple! What a great idea for a wedding present.

Vicki's Bit-o-earth said...

I love love love your idea of a photo album as a wedding gift! I love your whole design! Wish I was as creative ... I hope you don't mind if I steal that idea for a couple whose wedding I've been baffled about what to give them. (: They too, are traveling for their honeymoon. Perfect idea!

Angela said...

how could they not like it?! it's amazing!

Secret Leaves said...

Thanks everyone. I can't take credit for the IDEA of a photo album for a wedding gift though...that credit goes to my customer Becca, who ordered this as a gift for her sister and soon-to-be brother-in-law. She saw the Map Albums and contacted me to see if I could do a custom version for her. She's obviously a very smart girl. ;)

Vicki - yes! Please, have at it! I would love to see it when you're finished!


laurap said...

I am half of the very fortunate couple that received the photo album and am currently assembling what is to be a treasured keepsake. The album is so unique and gorgeous. I'm so enamored of it that I ended up on your website in hopes of having another album or two custom made for myself. Your work is truly fantastic, thoughtful, and detailed!

Laura Pilcher
Seattle, WA

Secret Leaves said...

Laura, you have just made my day in ways that you cannot even begin to know. :)

When you finish your album, or even as you are working on it, send me pics. I would love to feature it on my blog.