Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tagged by Tyler of periwinklebloom

I have been tagged by my dear friend Tyler at periwinklebloom. Ten random things about me:
1. I wrinkle my nose when I laugh. Sadly, the evidence of this has become a permanent part of my face.
2. I don’t like sushi.
3. I have, at various times, had red, blonde, black, brown and burgundy hair. Currently, I am a brunette.
4. When I was younger, I used to say ‘No husbands, no children, no pets, no plants.’ I have all but the children.
5.I can't go to the movies without ordering popcorn with butter on it. Lots of butter on it.
6. I have a scar on my chin, one on each knee, one on my calf, one on my eyebrow, in both of my eyes, one on my butt cheek and one on the small of my back.
7. As a general rule, I am not a fan of romantic comedies.
8. I have amassed a good-sized collection of dead bugs.
9. Although I am pretty good at it, I dread public speaking.
10. I just got a new kitty named Snowpea.
Flame point Siamese "Snowpea"
I tag Ria at My Mommy Manual, Julie at Bricolage, Sparrow Salvage, Millie Motts and Beverly at La Paperie & Cozy.


bookyeti said...

Enjoyed reading yours, Sharon! :) And your kitty is absolutely ADORABLE (I won't let my 3 little ones know I said that, for they would be jealous).

Thanks for tagging me!
Here are mine...

Little Brown Sparrow said...

Oh, I know number one alright! I just *cannot* follow directions, at least until what I decided to do isn't working, and I grudgingly default to the given orders. And to think, I wanted to be a policeman! :D

Thanks for tagging me, I shall update tonight.

Millie Motts said...

Thanks for tagging me! I changed it up a little, but hopefully that's ok. :)


tyler said...

didn't know about the sushi. and finally a look at your new kitty! she sure is sweet. thanks for playing the game.

and those tins below are gorgeous. what treasures!

Oh said...

awww, pretty kitty!
This was a wonderful entry. Thanks for sharing. Made me smile, too.

PS I, too, do not like sushi. Actually, I don't even like to cook (or prep raw food.)

Marti Schrock said...

You no husband, no children . . .

I say, "I have no brothers, no sisters, no pets & no middle name." My mom says it makes her sound like a bad mom for not giving me any of those things.

Marti Schrock
Franklin, Indiana, USA