Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Too good not to share

This is not really a "finder" blog, but I've stumbled across a couple of sites lately where the work is so beautiful, I felt the need to share.
A customer, Barbara, turned me on to J. Morgan Puett. I think her work is stunning:

J Moragn Puett blouse.jpg

J Morgan Puett To the Trade Only

J Morgan Puett shoes

J Morgan Puett photograph

J Morgan Puett notebooks

All of the above images are from an installation entitled Wholesale To the Trade Only. I strongly urge you to visit her site and take a longer look.

Emma Cassi creates jewelry from bits of vintage lace and trim:

Emma Cassi child's bracelet

Emma Cassi carnelian earrings

Emma Cassi black lace bracelet

Her beautiful work is rivaled only by her beautiful site. Promise me you will visit there and view the pictures of her jewelry paired with visually related images. Gorgeous.

Finally, I have been a fan of Su Blackwell for a long time. I think I first discovered her on Ulla's wonderful blog. Look at this:

Su Blackwell book sculpture

Su Blackwell Alice at Tea Party

Su Blackwell butterfly dress

Takes my breath away.



Little Brown Sparrow said...

Oh I just have to comment on Morgan! It's been over 10 years since I first found out about her, I saw her chicken shack house in a UK decor magazine, she has been one of my ultimate heroes! I adore everything she does...wonderful stuff. The other artists are lovely too!

tyler said...

gorgeous, conceptual and timeless. recently posted on puett as well (thanks to you!). and the paper works are indeed breathtaking. i'm in awe of that tree! thanks for the finds.

Karla said...

Great blog, please listen to Ria Sharon and join Twitter.

Secret Leaves said...

Ha ha! Oh I'm being tag teamed!


Michaela Dawn said...

Heavens, I found myself falling in love... Thank you for sharing Su Blackwell with us...

Also, I am completely besought with Secret Leaves scrap journals, it seems anything that has flight or feathers usually captures my heart...

See you in the wind

Secret Leaves said...

Thanks Michaela. That's awfully nice of you to say.

mady dooijes said...

oh my god- i so love this post j. morgan puett, it's so heavenly! thank you for sharing

septembre said...

the artists are all very talented , i love their world, thanks for sharing!!!!