Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Blog with Something for Everyone

Ann and I have blogged frequently about the Willows, a group of women business owners we meet with regularly for friendship, encouragement and support. This small group has become so important to all of us, not only in terms of our businesses, but also in terms of our lives. The only Willow I haven't posted about yet is the lovely Ria Sharon. Ria is, among other things, the co-author of a web site called Whether you are a mom or not, this blog has lots to recommend it. After all, with posts like How to Overcome Fear, How to be an Angel and How to Do What You Love, there is something here for everyone. Thanks for your friendship and inspiration, Ria.

Ria Sharon of My Mommy Manual

Lovely Ria in a sweater designed by Willow Jen in a photo taken by Willow Sharon (me) at a shoot where she modeled along with Willow Tyler.



Ria said...

Sharon, you are so sweet. I love my Willows too!

Mermaid Queen said...

Your small group is such a great idea, and I loved reading your friend's words, especially the piece about overcoming fear. Thanks for sharing!
Take care,

Secret Leaves said...

Thank YOU, Martha, for stopping by. : )

tyler said...

words can't express how much my willows mean to me. ria, your inquisitive self, your openness and your unfailing support and direction are all traits to love. big thanks to you. xo

Ria said...

Thank you, Tyler! I needed a little boost today! ;)