Monday, April 18, 2011

I heart vintage cigar boxes

vintage cigar boxes, vintage typography, packaging, lettering, graphic design, design inspiration

Look what my wonderful co-worker and friend Gerry gave me!

Gift from Gerry 1000
This is not all of them. Oh no. This is a just a fraction of the bounty. Go get yourself a 
cup of coffee. This is going to take awhile.

Cremo 3 for 10 1000  Cremo cigar box inside 1000 
Cremo. 5 cents straight. 3 for 10 cents.

De Luxe Phillies 1000

excise stamp 1000
I love the excise stamps. I successfully soaked one off of one of the boxes, along with 
some of the labels. They are so cool. It destroyed the box, though.

Casa Marina cigar box 1000
The graphics on this one are much more delicate and beautiful than they look in the
picture. As with all of the images, click on it for a larger view.

Belvederes squared 1000 Gold coin detail vintage cigar box 1000
Beautiful graphics on this one. The signature alone is a stunner. Click for larger view.

Light fixtures studs 1000

Rubber bumpers 1000
The boxes came from an uncle of Gerry's. He was an electrical engineer and stored  
various parts, etc., in them.

Stack of colorful cigar boxes 1000 

Marsh Wheeling cigar box 1000Stack of old cigar boxes 1000

Perfectos cigar box 1000

Ship's head adj 1000  Aren't they beautiful? I hope you've enjoyed this tour of my major score. Thanks Gerry!