Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Peace on Earth


Just a quick note wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a safe, happy and joyful New Year.

Sharon and Ann

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Fun Girls Night Out

Well, not exactly a girls' night out--more like a girls' day in. Our good friend Cindy came up with a fun idea which turned into a great way to work in a get-together with our core group of girlfriends. We have all known each other for...um...I'll just say a long time. As the years have gone by we still stay in touch, but as you all know, it gets harder to find the time to get everyone in the same room. The solution: A cookie baking/cocktail drinkin'/girl-gabbin' marathon. We all pre-made our dough so all we had to do was show up and take turns baking batches. This took care of two problems: Holiday baking and catching up with who has a new boyfriend (Kim), who's gotten a tattoo (Kim), who's life is going swimmingly right now (Kim). Damn her. Just kidding...we should all be having the great time she is having. What am I saying--we are all having a great time. Sharon and I are busy with Secret Leaves, Diane is enjoying her new cute little house and Cindy is content hanging out at home with her husband Jack and her dogs, Atticus and Talullah.

Below are some snaps from the event. And if you have been searching for those perfect Christmas drink recipes, I have also included the recipe for Kim's tasty Bourbon Slushes (I told you she was living the good life). That girl always knows what to bring to put the party over the top. And thanks to Cindy for opening her home to an afternoon of dough-slinging good times.


1 can frozen lemonade, slightly thawed 1 can frozen orange juice, slightly thawed 1 bottle sweetened tea 1/2 can sugar (use empty lemonade or orange juice can for measurements) 1 can bourbon 4 cans water

Freeze in an empty gallon ice cream pail--the plastic kind with the handle. Take out and let thaw only to the point that it is slushy. Pour some in a glass and enjoy. YUM!

P1010100 Bourbon Slush

Holiday cookies

Cocoa-chocolate chip and oatmeal crisps ready to go in the oven

image Sharon taking a picture of a tray of cookies

Cindy and Talullah Cindy with Talullah

CIMG1139 Me enjoying a Bourbon Slush

CIMG1135 Diane chillin'

CIMG1148 Kim...

CIMG1166 ...and her new tattoo.

P1010099 Handsome Atticus waiting for crumbs to drop.


Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas card tips

Have you sent your Christmas cards out yet?

Boxed Christmas cards

I was writing Christmas cards the other evening and a couple of thoughts hit me: One, I remembered something I read recently about addressing envelopes. The USPS (that's the United States Post Office to you) suggests not using punctuation when addressing your envelope or package. Apparently, it's harder for their machines to "read." So that is Tip #1.

Tip #2. Hand-address the envelope. It's probably OK to use labels (or a custom rubberstamp would be cool!) for the return address, but it's just more personal to handwrite the recipient's address rather than use a label or pre-printed envelope.


Tip #3. My friend Kelley includes an inspirational quote in her Christmas cards. She prints the quote on a piece of paper, cuts it out with decorative scissors and inserts it inside the card. This is a nice personal touch and a gentle reminder of the spiritual side of the season.

Tip #3. Don't forget the envelope! Decorate the outside of the envelope with a rubberstamp or seal--it's always more fun to get decorative envelopes. You know it's something special before you even open it!


So that's it! Those are my greeting card tips. Happy licking and stamping!


Friday, December 7, 2007

What we are listening to...

This week's choices are all over the map. We enjoy the old stuff so we dug out some of the standards... T Rex, the Band, and Bob Dylan. Then we ventured into the 80's with some This Mortal Coil and the Pretenders. Sharon's husband made us a playlist on Napster which totally took us down memory lane with bands like Bauhaus, Iggy Pop, Wire, PIL, to name a few. He is addicted to downloading these lists so there is more fun to come. Ok, you are wondering if we ever listen to anything beyond 1984. Well... yes we do. We rounded out the week with Essex Green, Guided by Voices and Lily Allen.

And speaking of Rock and Roll. This weekend is the annual Rock and Roll Craft Show here in St. Louis. This is a super cool event that showcases the area's finest crafters with an alternative flair. It lasts two days and includes live bands and a cash bar. Who could ask for more. Is Secret Leaves participating? Of course we are! It is our fourth year and it just keeps getting better. It is put on by a group of women who run a smooth ship and the variety and quality of the goods is very much worth your time. Check it out!

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