Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Siesta Key

My husband Michael and I recently returned from Siesta Key, Florida.

Michael and me at the beach Shore bird in the surf

The Good Life
The Good Life.

My bounty:
This is called an Angel Wing Angel Wing
Sea shelleton Baby's fingernail
This shell is the size of a baby's fingernail.

I am as inspired by these:
Dead head
Crab ecto-skeleton

As I am by this:
Perfect purple

Florida flora and fauna:
Tangled roots
Myakka River State parkMyakka River State Park. Do you see all the logs in the water?
They are these: Sunbather Big Daddy

Alligator territory

Good trip.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Interior Motives

I was recently tagged by my good friend Tyler of periwinklebloom to "share an interior that best represents me." I'm not sure these best represent me, but I found something appealing in all of them.

First, I loved Molly Sims' New York apartment from the moment I saw it in InStyle magazine:

Molly Sims NY apt 1Molly Sims NY apt  3

The entire apartment is done in shades of gray ranging from platinum to dove gray to charcoal. I also love the "Cabinet of Curiosities" items she has throughout the apartment, like the huge bug print, above. The overall look is probably a little more glam than me (I don't have a single chandelier in my house), but still, I think it's beautiful.

I like the clean lines and dark colors in this serene bedroom:

Legado Mitico suite

My husband likes a more modern style than me and our home has the mix of old and new reflected here. (Suite in the Legado Mitico hotel in Buenos Aires from La Dolce Vita blog.)

I have always wanted built-in black bookshelves:

Black built in bookcases
Regrettably, I don't remember where I got the above photo, but I think it originally came from Traditional Home magazine.)

Finally, what better represents me than rooms in my own home:

Dining room
Corner of my dining room with Donald Bachelor print

Living room
Corner of my living room. "Roots" drawing by Chris Vodicka

Powder room

Powder room vignette. White tea and ginger soap from The Bath Hour.

Over toilet
Main bath vignette. Bird prints from Pom Pom

I tag Elizabeth, Lotta and Julie...