Thursday, May 27, 2010

Around the studio today

Here are some photos from around the studio today. No beauty shots, just some snaps of how it looks right now.

Studio wide shot
Wide shot of the studio. Click to view larger.

Bookcase in the studio
Bookcase full of old books. Some I will keep and some will be made into journals or other projects. That's the leg of my tripod extending into the picture.

Top of bookcase in studio
Top of the bookcase with two small collages, one completed and one in progress. I found the two small polka dotted feathers on a walk yesterday afternoon.

Bulletin board copy
Bulletin board
Speech copy

Pretty books
Recent purchases.

Piano rolls.jpg
Piano rolls.

Three shoe boxes full of dirty old postcards from a railroad company in the early 1900s. I use these for the Vintage Index Card gift tag sets. (The boxes are cool too.) 

vintage sewing patterns
Vintage sewing patterns

Office supplies vintage and otherwise
Office supplies, vintage and otherwise. Many thanks to my sister for the thumb tacks, brads, etc. in the cool vintage boxes.

Old ledgers
Stack of old ledgers from the turn of the century. From a dry goods company down South.  These are 10" x 14" each and very thick, filled with beautiful handwriting.

French titles
French titles.

Stack of atlases and photo albums
Stack of old atlases, photo albums and a bundle of letters from Cecil Quackenbush to his mother. He was a rounder and a rambler--traveled around the West and Southwest picking up jobs as a movie extra in early silent Westerns, a ranch hand and a laborer. He wrote faithfully to his mother in Indiana wherever his ramblings took him.

And finally, Ellie, the (other) love of my life.
Ellie up close

Hope you've enjoyed the tour. A memento of my life and studio at a singular moment in time.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Faded pictures

I shot some photos for my friend Jen earlier this week. The lovely (in every way) Julie Malone was kind enough to model. Here are a few of them (click for larger view):

Green wrap 1000

Schoolgirl 1000 

pink rosebuds faded 1000

geometry 1000

I'm slowly learning to use my new camera more effectively and my Photoshop skills are improving.

Jen's beautiful cashmere pieces can be found here. 


Sunday, May 9, 2010

My neighborhood sings in the Spring

I have a confession to make. My neighborhood is ugly in the winter. There, I said it. Rows of red brick buildings, sooty ice and snow on the ground, the trees bare...but my neighborhood sings in the Spring. Flowers everywhere! Trees blooming and then leafing out in green. And a healthy dose of pride of ownership in evidence. I wish Spring could last longer, but perhaps its fleeting nature is what makes it so sweet. As always, click on any pic for a larger view.

buff house 1000

Pretty border 1000
Pretty border

Peonies 1000Irises 1000
Lots of old-fashioned flowers, befitting a neighborhood and houses over 100 years old.

Shade garden 1000
Shade garden

Stone house 1000
Michael and I looked at this house when it went up for sale. It was ultimately purchased by a young couple who are doing great things with it.

Street view 1000
Streetscape looking toward Grand.

Pink blossoms 1000

Our house 1000
Our house with lilac, redbud and dogwood in bloom.