Sunday, October 5, 2008

Winslow's Home & Farm

I have been meaning to do a post on Winslow's Home & Farm, a wonderful new St. Louis store, for a long time. Now that our products are being sold there, all the more reason!

Winslow's is a true general store. You can walk in and purchase items as diverse as a ticking striped market bag, all-natural suntan lotion or a Swedish salad spinner (all of which I purchased on my first visit). In addition to carrying merchandise of the magnificent as well as the mundane type, Winslow's is a restaurant, with a rotating dinner menu, yummy breakfast and lunch entrees (and great coffee, of course) and the most mouth-watering, gorgeous and delectable baked goods I have had in St. Louis.

If you are in the area, drop by if you can. It really is a wonderful experience and unique in St. Louis.

Winslow's Home & Farm logo
Winslow's Home & Farm ladder
Winslow's Home & Farm linens

Thanks to Tyler of Periwinklebloom for the use of her wonderful photos.



Maija said...

It looks like a lovely place!

Tyler said...

you're so very welcome. and thanks for the mention. winslow's...dreamy, delightful, delectable. my favorite haunt in u. city!

big congrats to you two on the magazine props below. what a wonderful spread!

Anonymous said...

what kind of farm has no produce. why heck, on our farm we have apples and beets and tomatoes and corn.
what is really going on?

Secret Leaves said...

Actually, they DO have produce! Did I forget to mention that!? They have heirloom tomatoes, fingerling potatoes, green beans, squash and all other manner of wonderful, locally grown stuff from their own farm! Thanks for pointing out my omission!