Friday, September 26, 2008

Secret Leaves is big in Bulgaria!

We are featured in two magazines right now--one of them, interestingly, is a Bulgarian publication called Intro. As nearly as I can tell, it is a cross between Vanity Fair, People and InStyle. So there we are, four full pages of color photos, wedged right between Snoop Dogg, Metallica and a bunch of pretty Bulgarian boys wearing the latest edgy fashions.

Intro mag.jpg

Secret Leaves Intro spread 1.jpg

Secret Leaves Intro spread 2.jpg

Sadly, as it is in Cyrillic (or some other language that we can't read), we have no idea what it says. No matter...the spread looks great and we are very grateful to Tanya at Intro for featuring us and for sending us a copy of the mag all the way from Bulgaria.

We are also featured in the September/October issue of St. Louis At Home magazine. It is a gorgeous issue and we are thrilled to be included.

At Home mag.jpg



A big thanks to editor Christy Marshall, writer Stefene Russell and photographer Whitney Curtis of At Home for the wonderful job they did on the feature.

Love to all,
Sharon and Ann


Charming Sam said...

Congratulations! I'll have to pick up the American publication the next time out. I want to read more...

As for the lovely layout in the Bulgarian magazine that is so COOL!

Which reminds me I have this lovely book I want to send you....

lotta said...

Congratulations! The Bulgarian magazine looks amazing. I am thrilled to hear that your beautiful books are available in my homeland as well. I'll spread the word. Cheers.

Little Brown Sparrow said...

Yay for you! They both look like really great articles. And very much deserved too. :)

Secret Leaves said...

Thanks all!

Sharon and Ann

eyeshoot said...

Great publicity, you must be delighted!

Geryalex said...

Fyi, Cyrillic is not a language, that's the alphabet, and the language spoken in Bulgaria is called Bulgarian. St. Cyril (Kiril), who drafted the alphabet in the 9th century, was half Bulgarian. Congrats on the magazine article, it looks wonderful.

Secret Leaves said...

Thanks Geryalex! I suspected when I wrote that that I was exposing my ignorance. Do you, by any chance, read Bulgarian? Can you tell us what the article says?