Tuesday, August 19, 2008

File Under Awe-inspiring

My husband Michael and I just returned from Estes Park, Colorado. The trip was restful, restorative and inspirational. Here are some pictures from our trip.

view from Taharaa View from the balcony of our room at Taharaa Lodge

Lily Lake Lily Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park

hot pink

chipmunk in silhouette

Mister Mister (formerly known as Mischief)

Me and Mischief Mischief and me

mountain view



Rocky Mountain meadow Not as dramatic as the sub-arctic tundra, but for me, the most beautiful spot we visited.

Strange Beauty

blue fog Ghost forest

elk pyramid Elk, in perfect formation

aven Aven

Oh.hello Oh...hello

Grand Lake CO Grand Lake, Colorado

Purple and orange moth and thistle

A stunning place.



Tyler said...

wow, awe indeed. ghost forest and the perfect elk took my breath away. what a grand trip. glad you're home.

Khi said...

Wow, what a breath-taking place. It seems so calm...

I'm sure you guys had a great time.

Thanks for sharing!

Khi :)

Lenka said...

WOW! ( I noniced 2 comments you have started with WOW also!) Your photos amazing! What a place to travel… I lOVE IT! It is stunning...
Sharon, thank you for visiting my blog - I am glah I can read yours now!

Marcia said...

Gorgeous! Both the places and the photography.

eric said...

wow. had to say that. great pictures.welcome home.

lotta said...

wonderful photos. I have only visited colorado in the winter before - that has to change. Thanks for sharing your adventures!

Anonymous said...

love those synchronized elk

Dee Dee said...

Simple. Serene. Beautiful.

Elizabeth said...

Okay, you are not fooling me...I saw the ghost and elk photos in National Geographic....well, at least they look like something that came out of that fantastic magazine....loved the photos and thanks for sharing. Wish I was there - it looks so QUIET!

Bonbon Oiseau said...

what beautiful photos! thank you for visiting my blog too!