Friday, April 25, 2008

The Fine Art of Personal Correspondence

My dear friend Pam is a photographer living in Portland, Oregon. She was one of the many unfortunate people displaced from her beloved New Orleans by indiscriminate and unforgiving Hurricane Katrina. For years, we have been exchanging packets through the mail. I do this with my friend Marcia as well. I strongly recommend that you and a friend or family member start this practice! You cannot imagine the thrill of getting real mail--the kind where someone you actually know is at the other end of it--not the bank, not the cable company, not a credit card company. Anyway, here is my most recent packet from Pam:


Inside the envelope, the first packet

Parcel contents

...filled with bits and pieces about Portland


And this packet

Pam Valiant packet

...with a little bundle of Pam's beautiful photography

Pam's photos

Pam Valiant photo

Here is the packet I sent in return. Since I recently visited Florida, I decided to give it a beach theme.


Shells I found on the beach.

IMG_0339 Pelican Stamp Note

Beach photos

Try it! You'll like it!



Ria said...

Wow, Sharon! I want a packet too! No, seriously, all of them are beautiful expressions of creativity and thoughtfulness.

Secret Leaves said...

I'll send you one!