Friday, April 4, 2008

Everybody's doing it

It seems like everyone we know is going to Florida. Ann and I are no exception. Ann, as you know, recently traveled to Orlando and Key West, and last week, Michael and I returned from five days in beautiful Siesta Key.

I have so many photos to share that I am going to break it into three posts. This first one will deal with Strange Beauty. As you know, Ann and I are attracted to the stranger aspects of nature. And nature, strange and otherwise, was in abundance in Siesta Key and Sarasota. See for yourself:


Boardwalk from Michael's parents' condo to the beach.


I came home with a big bag of gorgeous sea shells.


The obligatory sunset shot...


Blue herons, like this one, were plentiful.

Shore bird

If you are familiar with our work, you might recognize some familiar motifs.

cropped turtle

Spotted this little guy off the cafe deck at the Ringling Museum. I thought he was a bronze sculpture...until I saw him move his head.

Lizard cropped

Beautiful little lizard spotted (pardon the pun) at Selby Gardens.


Look at the roots of this tree. Doesn't it look like something out of Pan's Labyrinth? Note the people (on the left ) to give you an idea of scale.

Well, that's enough Strange Beauty for now. Next post: The Ringling Museum.



Tyler said...

the spindly 'legs' of that tree are fantastic. and the 'boardwalk' image is quiet and dreamy. can't wait to see the circus shots. so ready for a summer holiday. thanks for sharing.

Sarah and Jack said...

We used to live very near Clearwater, and I remember that tree well. It is fantastic!