Sunday, February 17, 2008

Observing Lint

Yes, I spelled it right.

Who doesn't hate pulling the clothes out of the dryer and finding your favorite black 't' all covered with lint balls. If you are like me, and continuously forget what not to wash together (i.e. gray woolly socks with my black pants), then this little trick I'm about to share will make you very happy.

Just get yourself a cheap tube of tennis balls and keep them by the dryer. Toss one in when drying those clothes that love to attract lint and it will bounce around and knock those pesky little devils right off. It doesn't get them all but it works well enough to make a difference.

Warning: Do not do this right before bedtime. It makes some racket (pardon the pun). The first time I tried this I couldn't figure out what the clunking was down in the basement. Duh!



Check My Tag said...

I hear this also works to keep comforters fluffy.

Michelle said...

I have a Coat with dow feathers in it and it's the only way to fluff up the feathers with the tennis balls in the dryer,I put 4 balls in and my coat comes out looking great.

Charming Sam said...

Now, this is a helpful hint. LOL

With that I am also letting you know that you are officially being tagged.

No pressure though. :-)

Secret Leaves said...

Thanks for the comments, ladies. And for the additional tips. It never occurred to me to throw in more than one tennis ball. Another d'uh moment!