Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ephemera Eye Candy

This post is all about assorted ephemera eye candy. I know we are not the only ones who are ga-ga over this stuff. So all of you vintage ephemera junkies out there--enjoy!
This vintage baby book is on loan to us from my sister, Sheila. It has the most beautiful and incredible illustrations. There is a handwritten inscription on the inside cover that says,
"Dec. 25th, 1889, Our Little Ollie, Grandma Rich"
vintage baby book
Stack of Scrap Journal pagesStack of Scrap Journal pages ready to be bound. That is an old travel trunk in the background, complete with its original luggage labels. Inside it has a full set of bakelite-handled brushes, shoe horns, nail files, etc. How cool is that??!!!

Beautiful endpapers in an old prayer bookPrayer book endpapers
Some old daggeurotypes in my dining room cabinet. I love the shattered one. She is the first one I ever bought. Note the hand-tinting on her face.daguerrotypes
Stack of Scrap JournalsScrap Journal stack
Recipe for Layer Cake, Devil's food cake, White Solid Cake (solid cake?)Layer Cake recipe
Stamp Note with old letters in the backgroundStamp Note
Detail of Chansons de Bilitis Scrap Journal coverChanson detail

Secret Leaves Scrap Journal spread
Vintage sheet music and old keys on Ephemera Album covers Ephemera Album binding detail
Cigar Box kit contentsCigar Box kit contents
French Hen nestled among recent ephemera findsFrench Hen
If you would like to see more assorted ephemera, I recently posted a bunch of new shots on our Flickr photo stream.


Tyler said...

gorgeous finds as always! the end papers are beautiful -- would love the pattern on a bag, scarf, coat, my ga over them. and the sweet elephant postage stamp is so unique. i see a trip to europe in your future to collect several from each country! thank you, sharon and ann, for finding the curious and new in the very old.

Angela said...

OK, I finally get what you do! Mary's guestbook for her wedding was so beautiful... very cool.

Take care,

Holiday Queen said...

Ooohhh and aahhhh... thanks for the ephemera tour!

Joy said...

I adore these scrap journals!!

Secret Leaves said...

Thank you Joy. And thanks to all for commenting.

Sharon and Ann