Monday, August 20, 2007

Sheila's Super Fine Soaps

Sharon was so excited last week because her sister, Sheila, was coming in town. Were they planning to go out on the town or see the sights? No. Sheila is madly in love with making soap so they spent the majority of the visit shopping for soap supplies and designing belly bands for the packaging. Smells like an obsession, doesn't it? And the soaps smell fantastic too.
Sheila has spent many hours researching and fine-tuning the art of soap-making. Take a look at her handywork so far. The colors are so cheerful and pretty, they look good enought to eat.

As you can see, the soap production is coming along just fine, but as always with the beginning of a business, it was difficult finding the correct name. For the last few weeks, Sheila and Sharon have had many a conversation on the subject and finally nailed it with 'The Bath Hour.' Then came the challenge of designing the identity for the packaging of the bars. This is where Secret Leaves factored in. After all we are a design-based company. So the weekend was spent with the two of them happily playing with ideas and, I must say, I think they have it.

Here are some examples of the belly bands. The overall look of the packaging is consistent, but different scents will each have their own image. A custom rubberstamp is being made that reads "At least 4 oz. of pure bliss." Right now my favorite image is the goat. It is for the goat's milk & almond soap. I know I will be buying several of these.



The Blissful Home said...

Fantastic packaging, Sharon & Ann! I, too, love the goat on the wrapper. And very yummy-looking soap! My congrats to Sheila. Another lady launches her business...whoo-hoo!

Pearl Maple - Mandy Collins said...

You have such a deligtful blog, packed full of creative inspiration.

The soaps are looking good and your altered books are fantastic.

KJ said...

I must say that I was attracted to the goat as well. At first I thought it was because it's in the forefront, but when I looked at the other images, I kept returning to the goat. Very appealing packaging! They should be pleased with their creative efforts!

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