Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Interview with Secret Leaves on Worsted Witch blog

Hey everyone. A few weeks ago our Secret Leaves scrap journals were featured on the Worsted Witch blog. The Worsted Witch is a wonderfully written and worthwhile blog for the green-minded crafter. Owner/blogger Jasmin Chua highlights her latest indie sustainable finds every few days for us all to enjoy. After we learned she blogged about us we wrote to tell her thank you and she wrote back requesting an interview. Of course, we agreed.
She asked great questions and we were thrilled with the way it turned out. Please visit and read the interview with Ann. Leave a comment--and tell Jasmin Secret Leaves sent you! : )
If you are in the mood for more eco-reading check out Treehugger, another fun and informative site.
Ann and Sharon

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