Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Iain and Rachael's big day

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Since Spring has sprung (sort of) and love is in the air, I thought I would post about a beautiful Scottish wedding I had the pleasure of being a (very small) part of. Rachel Boyce (now Mrs. Iain McCallum) contacted me last summer about doing a map-covered guest book for her wedding, which was to have a vintage travel theme. We worked together, long-distance via email, to come up with something custom and very personal to her and Iain. Here are a couple of photos of the guest book.

 Custom guestbook
  Rachael requested a map of North America for the cover, since she and Iain 
  have traveled here several times. This map is from a 1920s atlas.

Vintage key tags

guestbook pages
The date on the passport stamp is their wedding day. Travel images illustrated each
page and there was space for guests to write their best wishes for the couple.

custom guestbook detail

And now for the big event! They deftly carried the vintage travel theme through all the details of the wedding:

Luggage tag on napkin

Luggage tag on vintage suitcase 2

  Luggage tag on vintage suitcase

 handsome Iain
 Handsome Iain 

Beautiful bride Rachael
Beautiful bride Rachael

Beautiful venue

Iain kisses Rachael

vintage car

white umbrella

Beautiful couple
Happy day! Congratulations to a lovely couple.

All wedding photographs by Craig & Eva Sanders Photography.


tina said...

How fabulous!!!!!! Your creativity definitely added sparkle and love to their day!

Ann said...

The guest book you made is super cool! The travel theme touches at the wedding looked wonderful! And great pictures. I'm guessing this was in, maybe Ireland? Scotland?

jen sertl said...

That turned out beautifully Sharon! You do such lovely work.
Gorgeous couple & photos!