Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bookbinding | papercrafting tools - Teflon folder

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If you are a paper crafter or book artist, you have most likely heard of the bone folder. I have a bone folder, but haven't used it once since I purchased a Teflon folder. The advantage of a Teflon folder is that, unlike a bone folder, it doesn't leave a shiny spot on your paper.

Burnishing an embellishment 1000
The Teflon folder is used for burnishing. If you are gluing a piece onto another piece, it is the perfect tool to burnish it down, making sure the edges adhere and that there are no bubbles or wrinkles. (Snowpea has decided to help me today.)

Teflon folder 1000 It's also invaluable for making folds nice and sharp.

Burnishing turn-insAnd it is absolutely crucial when turning in the edges of the paper while covering bookboard for a hard-cover book.

I purchased mine here.

Until next time,
Sharon (and Snowpea)


Pat said...

I have a bone folder, too, but now I'm anxious to use a teflon folder. Whatever you are paying for cute lessons for Snowpea you're getting your money's worth.

Pat Eby

Richard Norman said...

What a lovely kitty.

Why does Teflon leave no shiny spots on the paper?

Ann said...

Snowpea (Possum) is a beautiful girl!

Secret Leaves said...

Thanks everyone! I will pass the compliments on to Snowpea. She is kind of a pain in the butt, but she IS pretty.

Richard - I don't know why it doesn't, but it doesn't. If you have ever used a bone folder, you know that it can burnish a shiny spot on your paper or leather, and for whatever reason, the Teflon folder does not. If you do any kind of paper crafts, I urge you to purchase this tool. You won't regret it!

Hi Pat! Get a Teflon folder--it is so much better. (I'm repeating myself now.)