Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Everything our good friend and fellow Willow, Tyler Stallings, does is beautiful and Periwinklebloom, her line of toddler clothing and letterpressed greetings is no exception.

Made of domestically grown, 100% organic cotton, Periwinklebloom's tiny togs are handcrafted by local artisans. She also reclaims vintage bits of fabric and notions to nurture the idea of hand-me-downs. Subdued hues,
roomy fit and lush textures echo the carefree nature of a child.

sherpa hoodie

swing jacket Sherpa hoodie and sherpa jacket

Chloe in bubble dress

bubble dress detail
Bubble dress
Her letterpress greetings are printed by hand on lovingly restored Pearl and Kelsey presses. Thick cottony stock, 100% recycled and additive-free, comes from a century-old domestic mill that generates
enough clean energy via water to power the town. And she uses vegetable-based inks and non-toxic solvents, always keeping the environment in mind.


gratitude detail

envelope liner

Tyler will be selling her wares this weekend at Ladue Chapel Holiday Mart in St. Louis, so we thought this would be a perfect moment to tell you about her wonderful line. Stop by her equally wonderful blog and say hello. Tell her Secret Leaves sent you!


neck scarf cropped tight
Recycled vintage cashmere scarf by Angelina Accoutrements

PS. Willow Jen Sertl of Angelina Accoutrements will be there too!


Ulla said...

Who can resist a name like 'periwinklebloom'? Quite wonderful...

Secret Leaves said...

Thank you Ulla. Stop by her blog if you get a chance--she writes beautifully and finds wonderful thing to share.


karlascottage.typepad.com said...

I enjoyed seeing your paper journals that Elizabeth took to Miss Frenchie's. Really nice!

Maija said...

IT's all so beautiful and warm!

Secret Leaves said...

Thanks Karla! And Maija, aren't her things beautiful? Thanks to you both for stopping by.


String Buzz said...