Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New Old Things from Secret Leaves

Our good friend Elizabeth took some nice product shots for us recently and I thought I would share them here. There are a few new products and some items that are holiday-related, so here goes:

Bee gift enclosure 72
Bee gift enclosures. These are sweet and petite and come with their own tiny ochre vellum envelope. They are blank inside to be used as a gift enclosure, but can also be ordered for Valentine's Day with an inside message that says, of course, "Bee Mine."

French postcard gift enclosure 72
French Postcard gift enclosures. These are reproduced from a postcard in our private collection. They come in their own little glassine envelope. Perfect for that French or vintage-inspired gift wrapping project.

We also have these Paint Chip prints, which are GORGEOUS in person. There are assorted images and frame finishes. They are professionally framed by the way:

Bird's Nest paint chip print 72

Bird's Nest detail 72

Turban Shell paint chip print 72

Quill paint chip print 72

Blue Smoke vignette 72

One drink makes you smaller 72

Go Ask Alice 72

The next few shots weren't taken by Elizabeth, but I wanted to share them nonetheless. This is one of our new products and it is super-cool, if we do say so ourselves:

Write Me a Letter single letter kit

Write Me a Letter kits

Write Me a Letter single letter kits contain everything you need for artful correspondence. Two or three sheets of interesting paper, a cool envelope and a postage stamp or two for embellishment.

We are also offering these very cool recycled gift tags made from vintage railroad company index cards. They come six assorted sizes to a set and look awesome tied to a package with a bit of ribbon or hemp twine.

Recycled gift tags 72

For those of you who own stores, they come packaged and ready to hang.

We also have these kraft gift boxes. They are 5 1/2 x 7 1/2 with gorgeous old government-issued postcards on the lids. They are filled with cotton batting and perfect for small gifts like a journal, jewelry, stationery, etc.

Kraft gift box 72

We only have 12 of these left!

We also have these Book Spine Treasure Boxes:

Book Spine Treasure Boxes 72

These are being introduced here for the first time. Again, great to wrap a necklace, bracelet, earrings, pen, pencils, book mark...Get 'em while they're hot!



Charming Sam said...

love, love, love, love the recycled gift tags. Nice packaging!

Ria said...

Ladies, you do an amazing job staging your wares. I'm sure your lovely images really help sales. Everyone should be taking notes... especially for online shops, the PICTURES make a world of difference!

Ulla said...

Love the paintchip prints - so inspiring! Your color palette overall is divine!

Secret Leaves said...

Thank you all! And thanks for stopping by...