Monday, July 14, 2008

Recycling Comes Home

We talk about it often--the importance of recycling and how it impacts Secret Leaves. We use much of the old paper that comes our way, but what we don't use ends up in our handy make-shift recycling box, shown here. Very fancy, I know.

About 12 weeks ago this dumpster showed up in the alley right behind my house. How convenient for me! I quickly found out that the city was testing this idea and placing these around town in various neighborhoods. I happily filled out the survey I received in the mail and gave the trial program an A+. At first I was afraid this dumpster would be wildly misused and be filled with garbage in no time flat. But it was smartly designed to discourage that and so far everyone seems to be using it properly. I think (and hope) it is here to stay.

Just about everything is accepted and it sure beats separating all of my recyclables and hauling them to the fire station. I hope this catches on and the city keeps this program in motion. I thought it would be a long time coming, but it seems the tide is changing. If we can have a program like this happening in my neighborhood, I believe it is do-able just about anywhere.



~Red Tin Heart~ said...

Ann, Thank you for the comment you posted on my site. It has been the hardest thing in my life losing John. He was my soul mate..It has been a sad day today.

I was excited to read you lived in St. Louis! I live an hour away from you in a small little town in Southern Illinois.
I really like your site too. Very neat.
xoxo Nita

Sarah and Jack said...

Much to my surprise I can FINALLY get recycling with my regular trash service out here. They brought me a seperate toter and I can throw everything in there together.

Recycling at last is a very good thing. We have cut down our trash by more than half!