Monday, January 28, 2008

This week in music

Things are very busy here at Secret Leaves World Headquarters. We are filling orders, planning our year ahead and trying to organize the stupendous mess we call our studio. It is sometimes too much for two girls to handle. But to soothe our worried minds we turn to our trusty boom box and let the tunes wash over us and then we realize, once again, that life is good and we are lucky to be doing what we are doing.

So what have we been listening to that has cured all of our ills? Well one CD that is helping is the Ditty Bops' latest, Moon over the Freeway. If you are hankering for some sweet girl harmony singing with a very talented band backing them up, then this is the CD for you. And in keeping with our recycled paper goods theme, these girls spread the good green word wherever their touring takes them. This year they did a series of farm shows where they played at various barns across the country in support of local farmer's markets that promote organic and pesticide-free foods. They also helped raise money for Farm Aid. In 2006 they did a tour across the country using bicycles as the mode of transportation. And I found out that dhlovelife has a link to their website. You remember dhlovelife, don't you? (Yes, this is a shameless plug of our Scrap Journals featured on this cool website. See blog post below.)


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The Feathered Nest said...

I love your stuff so much! I wish I was in St. Louis right now sitting down, working on these beautiful creations with you!! The images you girls pick are priceless. You just have a knack for knowing what looks wonderful....just had to say it! xxoo, Dawn