Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas card tips

Have you sent your Christmas cards out yet?

Boxed Christmas cards

I was writing Christmas cards the other evening and a couple of thoughts hit me: One, I remembered something I read recently about addressing envelopes. The USPS (that's the United States Post Office to you) suggests not using punctuation when addressing your envelope or package. Apparently, it's harder for their machines to "read." So that is Tip #1.

Tip #2. Hand-address the envelope. It's probably OK to use labels (or a custom rubberstamp would be cool!) for the return address, but it's just more personal to handwrite the recipient's address rather than use a label or pre-printed envelope.


Tip #3. My friend Kelley includes an inspirational quote in her Christmas cards. She prints the quote on a piece of paper, cuts it out with decorative scissors and inserts it inside the card. This is a nice personal touch and a gentle reminder of the spiritual side of the season.

Tip #3. Don't forget the envelope! Decorate the outside of the envelope with a rubberstamp or seal--it's always more fun to get decorative envelopes. You know it's something special before you even open it!


So that's it! Those are my greeting card tips. Happy licking and stamping!



Check My Tag said...

Sharon, we loved YOUR Christmas card. It is beautiful... as I would expect from the ladies at Secret Leaves.


Marti Schrock said...

One tip to add: be sure to purchase & use Christmas postage stamps! :)