Thursday, July 26, 2007

Duck and Take Cover

Here is the life cycle of our Take Cover journals:

First, we cut the covers off of an old book. Don’t worry—it is painless and we promise they don’t feel a thing. We save the book “guts” for use in other projects. They become pages in the Scrap Journals, covers for the Scrap Journals, are shredded for packing material and show up in various and sundry other unexpected places.

We trim the covers on a seriously heavy-duty cutter for a clean, crisp edge.

We make the text blocks (inside pages) from a creamy white 70# text weight paper (what this means to you is that it is a nice, thick sheet.)

We line the inside covers with beautiful endpapers. Or sometimes we leave the library card, pencil marks and doodles of the person the book once belonged to.

Finally, we ring-bind the journal together. This is a nice and versatile binding: if you want to add special mementos (or tear out a page you wrote in a fit of embarrassing self-pity) you can. Who will know but you?

We hope you like them.


Available at Sadie Olive

Available at Inspire Company

Available at Sadie Olive



kristin said...

Je crois que c'est ainsi que je les préfère ... couvertures usées par tant de manipulations. Ils gardent un charme fou !

Flea Market Queen said...

Thanks for sharing...
I love your journal covers!

Teresa said...

I love your journals!! They are fantastically made, I bought one from Sadie Olive and I just treasure it. :)


Joy for the Journey said...

Soo beautiful!! Thanks for the inspiration!

Utah Grammie said...

These are just sooo amazing! I have saved this to my favorites and look longingly at them often. Thanks so much for sharing your lovely talents!