Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Look of a Book

I imagine anyone stumbling across this blog is as in love with old books as we are.
I mean, just look at them. They are gorgeous.

We have a running joke that instead of just drooling over these volumes, maybe we should take the time to actually read some of them.

Here are some books from our collection we would like to share. Most of them are vintage treasures but I also threw in a few we have made. Let us know what you think.

Who says vintage has to be drab!

We have lots of fun searching for old children's books.

A lovely deboss.

The edges of books are quite beautiful all stacked together.

Again with the color.

OK, I had to throw in some of our creations. Sometimes the stitching alone can make a book a visual delight.

Here's one of our custom books. We like birds and we are noticing that many other people do too.

Our friends and families have become aware of our obsession and are now bringing us books. Thanks, Diane, for this set of encyclopedias.
Does anyone remember the old "Laugh-in" show? Look that up in your Funk and Wagnalls.

Oops! These aren't books. But they sure are cool.



Cathy Louise said...

So beautiful... I too have a facination for old books but probably more for the amazing fonts and script inside the lovely covers and I some times feel a little sad that I actually cut them up but then I think well atleast they are getting a second life for people to admire them in a different way..

Dawn said...

Love, Love, Love those books...especially the stacked up ones that have different colored paper! You guys would have gone batty, this past weekend I was at an all house, all city yard sale in Seville, Ohio and there were boxes and boxes of old books for free! FREE, I said! OMG, I thought I'd died and gone to book heaven.

Secret Leaves said...

Dawn, I am jealous. Free is the best price of all!