Wednesday, April 4, 2007

It Ain't Pretty

As much as we’d love to show off a pristine, lovely studio, well…that is just not our way. We thought it better to show it just as it is...

a work space with shelves packed full of paper, books, buttons, tools, ribbon and boxes and boxes of ephemera and an eight-foot table that, no matter how hard we try, we can’t seem to keep cleared off. Right now it has stacks of old sheet music, letters and envelopes strewn all over it.

Truth be told, it is much more fun to look at than a clean table. It’s like when you walk into a home that has that ‘lived in’ look… there’s something comforting about it. Or if you’ve ever been in an artist’s studio, with canvases leaning against all the walls and the paintbrushes and tubes of paint right where the artist needs them, it is the same feel.

Now, on occasion, we do have a cleaning frenzy. There is a point when the chaos gets a bit overwhelming and slows down progress. At the end of the day we try to put everything back in its place and every once in while we manage to run the vacuum.

We like to keep the strange beauty around too. Some may find it bizarre that we have a vase of dead flowers, a dried starfish or a shell from a box turtle displayed, but we find inspiration in these items. You will see it in our books.
No, our workshop is not pretty, but it doesn’t really matter as long as what we produce is.


Ria Sharon said...

Give yourself some credit, ladies! Your space is beautiful in its imperfection (ala Wabi Sabi). Whatever physical (and mental) space is allowing you to create such beautiful things must be just right.

Sadie Olive said...

I just love that box turtle shell... I am so happy to have found your blog so I can keep up with all of the new happenings at your studio. You girls are so creative and I am in love with your scrap journals!

Elizabeth said...

Ahem! Aaahheem! I do not see the ever-so-elusive mug of coffee that daringly teeters over the treasures that await to included in the next journal....that is if Anne can catch the mug before it spills or leaves lovely, sticky rings on the table. And let's just say that these rings are the by-products of one creative and lovely lady that we all know and love and want to kill - but I won't give her name out...but it starts with a "S" and ends in a "N". That is all you are going to get out of me! :-)


TC said...

Yea right... Everything is strewn asunder in an uber-creative fashion. Between the perfectly wilted flora and the softly lit starfish arrangement I'm not sure I've seen a more attractive studio setting. Is it possible to have a more insirational working environment?

Your random stuff looks awesome indeed. You ought to send something to those creatives at the Coudal swapmeat! I'm ceratin you'll get a picture and a link back.

Anonymous said...

Hey, nice job you guys!!! Way to work . That picture of nice , neat storage bins is a little bit understated in comparison to the rest of the room, but I guess if you do something huge then the objects of use have to be orgnaized a little bit.

Hannah and Sophie

Anonymous said...
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The Blissful Home said...

Hey, girls--

Just revisiting your blog again today and took a particular fascination with the photos of your workspace. There's something about a workspace that is so deeply connected to the end-product in one way or another. Your end products are SO beautiful that the workspace obviously works FOR you--so don't you dare apologize for it! I love the fact that you leave a few unabashed messes around (reminds me of my own office). Aren't there studies that show that ultra-creative people need a little disarray to really get the juices--or the juju--flowing? Let's just say that there are. :) I also am inspired by your strange little found objects of inspiration: dried starfish, a vase of dead flowers.

Hope you both have wonderful weekends.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed seeing your workshop. And the pretty wonk you produce.
Please stop by Robin Sherwood frecklefarm and say hello.

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Anonymous said...

Love the new site! It's nice to see the space where you work your magic with old paper. Keep up the good work.

Ulla said...

FABULOUS Blog! No studio is photo perfect, when work has to be done!!! Love it and love your work too! I am adding you to my blog roll!!!